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8pm free
NOIS_F - rosti fuelled electronica
Chalkwell Ladies :
Recent graduates of the Chalkwell Adult Education Institute,
The Chalkwell Ladies Drum 'n' Bass League aim to demystify contemporary dance genres in a practical,
ear and eye pleasing fashion. Marvel at Ms. Hilary Wilson's Ominchord wizardry,
gasp as Ms. Susan Blairgowrie tweaks parameters in real time,
and all this in handsome tweed suits.
3play - resident laptop trio
link to: http://www.3play.org
link to: http://www.informal.org

Nice Time
8pm free
Reggae Rock Steady Dub DanceHall

Selectors: Dom Rafferty Alex Wainwright Chris Greaves

Steppa Roots' Dub World Order
8pm free
DJ Steppa Roots - New & Old School Dubs
Special Guests: CoCo Varma - Earthtribe / Sitarfunk
Ethnocyberfunk - World Groove
Featuring - Live Percussions
Duke - the Global Warrior
Chancellor D

8pm free
clever underground house & techno
DJs Alex Stephen, Mark-Henning (using Ableton Live) and Zistan.
link to: www.clevermusic.net

12pm on
BARKET the 'market-in-a-bar' with Cast-Off Knitting Collective
link to: www.castoff.info
link to: www.sewkits.co.uk

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